The teaching methodology adopted should be proactive and ensure the active participation of every student in the class. The process of learning includes discussions, subject studies, investigations, problem solving, role-play, project work, field trips, and other interactive activities.

Periodical examinations and tests are conducted to assess the child’s ability. Asma grammar school has a unique student adoption programme; under this programme, a senior teacher adopts a few students for guidance, learning, and motivation.

Every child is provided opportunities to face the future challenges and focus on studies without distraction.  To facilitate the same, the syllabus is divided into two semesters and the evaluation of the progress of the students is done, based not merely on their academic proficiency, but, on their overall performance, based on various parameters that help judge their analytical skills and personality development and guide them accordingly.

Special attention will be provided to the slow learners.

Accordingly, the syllabus is split into year plan. Followed by month plan & then week plan the whole syllabus is designed meticulously not only to enhance the knowledge but to develop their creative skills.

Everything that the child sees and observes fascinates.In our school, the classrooms are colorful and create an ambiance that sets the mood to learn.

The emphasis is laid on a stress-free education that kindles the love for learning among the children.

They have many questions to ask and they seek answers to their questions. Every child learns in his or her own pace.

Extra curriculum activities

Every child is blessed with some innate talent. we follow a well planned extra-curricular schedule to enhance their creative talents.This schedule is designed to develop their physical, intellectual and literary skills.The children are also given Participation and merit Certificates to boost their morale.

Sports activities

Physical fitness is a very important aspect of education. Facilities for sports are of prime quality at asma grammar school.The talented students are encouraged to pursue sport of their choice